ANFord Chartered Surveyors

Pre-Sale Surveys

This report is commissioned before a house is offered for sale or a sale is agreed.

The pre-sale survey identifies any defects so that they can be rectified by the Vendor before the house is marketed, thereby avoiding problems later in the sales process. If there is a need for any further investigations such as a damp or timber report, appropriate reports can be obtained at an early stage rather than holding up the sale later. If no defects are identified, this is a good selling point.

The pre-sale survey is a confidential report designed to help sellers bring their property to market, and to alleviate the stress and worry involved prior to a visit by the mortgage lender's surveyor. With prior knowledge of what the lender's surveyor might find, the seller has the advantage of being forewarned and forearmed, and can act accordingly. They may employ professional contractors or undertake any repairs themselves, and be reasonably sure they are offering a house that is in sound condition. They may also prepare to adjust their price accordingly, having collected relevant estimates for any remedial works.

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