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During divorce or separation proceedings, ANFord Chartered Surveyors can be instructed by either party or by solicitors to undertake a valuation of the matrimonial / shared home and / or any commercial premises owned by either party, depending on the circumstances.


If you purchased a property at some point following 2001 at a premium as a result of a valuation by a Chartered Surveyor and now feel that the surveyor overvalued the property, we accept instructions to undertake retrospective valuations in order to determine its value at that date. We can also offer our opinion as to whether the surveyor was negligent when undertaking his valuation.

The result of our valuation may either persuade or dissuade you from taking further action.


ANFord, Chartered Surveyors act on instructions of next of kin, usually via solicitors, to provide valuations of properties or sites owned by deceased relatives at the time of their death, for the purposes of probate proceedings.

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